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The Imperial Swordsman

Versione : 1080p BRRip
Durata : 1h 47 min.
Download : 3282
Visualizzazioni : 5423
Rede : Inglese - Italiano
Dimensione : 423 MB

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Date de sortie : 29 août 1972
Longue : 2h 52 min
Sortie : - 1972
Budget : $87,109,000
Revenu : $415,382,540
Affaires : , SGD Productions
Résultat : 6.3 (81042 votes)
Traduction : FR, CA, EN, PL, PZ, VP, DX, VR, JF, EF, YM, QB, RF.

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-Master Swordsman [Edizione: Germania] - Swordsman [Edizione: Germania] Formato: VHS. ... In particular it covers the third, and most popular, novel about a duel and a plot to take the Imperial throne.--The Samurai Strategy (English Edition) eBook: Thomas ....Two weeks later, in Japan’s Inland Sea, divers working for him recover the Imperial Sword, given to Japan's first Emperor by the Sun Goddess.--Samurai Tales: Courage, Fidelity, and Revenge in the Final ....On one side were those who would overthrow the shogun and restore the Imperial ... captured for execution by the new Imperial government. - The expert swordsman, ...--The Latin Church in the Middle Ages: Translated By ....And while it employed the imperial sword to discomfit its enemies, it used the same weapon to strengthen its inner constitution and to centralize its government.-
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